EventSource Specifications

EventSource Specifications.

This document describes the specifications of the EventSource CRD.


kind stringEventSource
metadata v1.ObjectMeta(Optional) Refer to v1.ObjectMeta
spec EventSourceSpecRefer to EventSourceSpec
status EventSourceStatusStatus of EventSource


Belong to EventSource.

eventBus string(Optional) Name of the EventBus resource associated with the event source.
redis map[string]RedisSpec(Optional) The definition of a Redis event source, with key being the event name, refer to RedisSpec.
kafka map[string]KafkaSpec(Optional) The definition of a Kafka event source, with key being the event name, refer to KafkaSpec.
cron map[string]CronSpec(Optional) The definition of a Cron event source, with key being the event name, refer to CronSpec.
sink SinkSpec(Optional) Definition of the Sink (addressable access resource, i.e. synchronization request) associated with the event source, cf. SinkSpec.


Belong to EventSourceSpec.

ref ReferenceRefer to Reference.


Belong to SinkSpec.

kind stringThe type of the referenced resource. It defaults to Service.
namespace stringThe namespace of the referenced resource, by default the same as the namespace of the Trigger.
name stringName of the referenced resource, for example, function-ksvc.
apiVersion stringThe apiVersion of the referenced resource. It defaults to


Belong to scaleOption.

pollingInterval intThis is the interval to check each trigger on. It defaults to 30 seconds.
cooldownPeriod intThe period to wait after the last trigger reported active before scaling the resource back to 0. It defaults to 300 seconds.
minReplicaCount intMinimum number of replicas KEDA will scale the resource down to. It defaults to 0.
maxReplicaCount intThis setting is passed to the HPA definition that KEDA will create for a given resource.
advanced kedav1alpha1.AdvancedConfigSee KEDA documentation.
metadata map[string]stringKEDA trigger’s metadata
authRef kedav1alpha1.ScaledObjectAuthRefEvery parameter you define in TriggerAuthentication definition does not need to be included in the metadata of the trigger for your ScaledObject definition. To reference a TriggerAuthentication from a ScaledObject you add the authenticationRef to the trigger, refer to KEDA documentation.