• Release v0.3.1

    27.08.2021 in 版本发布

    @wanjunlei wanjunlei 发布于 2021.8.27 版本地址:v0.3.1 版本说明: Delete the old serving CR only after the new serving CR is running. #107


  • Release v0.3.0

    19.08.2021 in 版本发布

    @tpiperatgod tpiperatgod 发布于 2021.8.19 版本地址:v0.3.0 版本说明: Add OpenFunction Events: OpenFunction’s own event management framework. #78 #83 #89 #90 #99 #100 @tpiperatgod Support using Shipwright as Builder backend to build functions or apps. #82 …


  • Release v0.2.0

    30.06.2021 in 版本发布

    @benjaminhuo benjaminhuo 发布于 2021.5.17 版本地址:v0.2.0 版本说明: Support OpenFunctionAsync serving runtime(backed by Dapr + KEDA + Deployment/Job) Functions framework supports async function now Customized go function framework & builders for both …


  • Release v0.1.0

    17.05.2021 in 版本发布

    @benjaminhuo benjaminhuo 发布于 2021.5.17 版本地址:v0.1.0 版本说明: Add Function, Builder, and Serving CRDs and corresponding controllers Support using existing function framework & buildpacks such as Google Cloud Functions to build functions Support …